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Analyses are created in Scheer PAS Process Mining using the Analyses Sidebar and shown as charts in the content area.

Each analysis is based on process data that is transferred to process mining by the Scheer PAS modules BRIDGE or BPaaS when processes are executed.

When creating a new analysis, the user must determine which process data should be analyzed, how the data should appear and whether the data should be filtered. A user-friendly wizard guides the user through these steps.

Using the sidebar, it is also possible to duplicate an analysis, for example to experiment with the filter settings of the analysis without changing the original.

A Process Mining user is authorized to create analyses for all processes that are saved against their profiles. If a user’s rights are removed from a profile, they can no longer analyse the processes stored in it. If they have already created analyses prior to the loss of authorization for a profile, the analysis in the content area is shown with the message No authorization to analyse this process.

Note for administrators: The allocation of authorizations and profiles is explained in detail in the Administration Guide.

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