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The Administrator's Guide explains the functionality of the Scheer PAS Administration, the administration and monitoring component of the Scheer Process Automation Suite. Only assigned administration users can access the Administration.

You need at least one user with administration permission to access the Scheer PAS Administration. Therefore, any new Administration includes one standard administration user.

Administration Views

Scheer PAS Administration is a multifunctional application.

Click on the corresponding icon in the navigation bar to open the Administrator view you want to use:

Navigation Bar IconViewApplicable to

User Administration

Open this view to manager users, profiles, roles and permissions.

  • BPaaS
  • Mobile
  • Process Mining
  • RPA

Robotic Process Automation

Click on this icon to open the RPA dashboard to monitor your software robots.

  • RPA

Process Mining

In the Process Mining view you can define the retention time for your process data.

  • Process Mining

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