Operations is asked, if business processes are slowing down or running on error. They'll have to sort out the reason for that. Is it a technical problem? Are the business processes poorly designed? And so forth.

The goal for developing Scheer PAS Process Mining was to give Operations the ability to pinpoint the systems that are causing troubles.

They should have the means to

  • analyze the system without having to know all dependencies between the services.
  • find events that did not happen (e.g. product was not delivered).
  • apply top-down or bottom-up analysis to find suspects.
  • get a warning if something is developing wrongly and have the possibility to intervene.

Process Mining provide the means for Operations to dig into problems and to find the possible cause.

Technical and business process data of services are stored in an operational data warehouse. This data warehouse in combination with the dashboard is bridging the gap Operations experiences when they want to analyze problems.

Scheer PAS customers can use Process Mining to analyze process data of the PAS modules Designer, Integration (Bridge) and BPaaS. In order to use Scheer PAS Process Mining, the user must be assigned the appropriate authorizations in the Scheer PAS Administration (refer to Administration Guide > Overview of Standard Profiles for details).

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