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Templates make the creation of an analysis easier because the basic settings such as chart type or underlying process have already been preconfigured. A user-friendly wizard guides the user through the few steps required to create a template. Templates are created and managed in Process Mining via the sidebar.

There are two basic types of templates:

System Templates

System templates can be used by all users, but can only be created and edited by an administrator.

Four system templates are included as standard:

Process duration: Shows the average daily process duration in a line chart.

Start event: Shows the daily distribution the processes to start events in a bar chart.  

End Event: Shows the average daily process time in a line chart.

Function throughput time: Shows the average daily function duration in a line chart.

User defined Templates

User defined templates can be created by all users. A user defined template can only be used and edited by the user who created it.

Administrators are allowed to edit all custom templates.


When the Templates Sidebar is opened for the first time, the four standard system templates are displayed on the desktop:

System templates can be used directly when creating an analysis (see page Using a Template). New templates can be created using the button in the sidebar. Users can edit custom templates later. It is also possible to duplicate a template.

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