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Scheer PAS Designer is the modeling tool for digitization. This easy-to-use, innovative and model-based tool allows you to create processes in BPMN 2.0 format via a graphical user interface. At the same time you can realize the technical implementation into UML by using supplied or self-created libraries. You can use the finished models without further programming as xUML micro services in the platform's integration component (Bridge). The use of the Designer also boosts collaboration by allowing key users, process managers and IT responsibles to work simultaneously on the same process.

Your key benefits:

  • Design your processes all based on BPMN 2.0 standards within a pleasant UI.
  • Import out of the box libraries to use our standard based connectors for nearly 50 use cases e.g. web, database and ERP systems.

  • Arrange the UI based on your needs and your work habits.

  • Manage all your projects within one UI and share it with other people.

  • Transfer your BPMN models into a technical representation to make it executable within the platform's integration component (Bridge).

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