Adding a New Form

Forms are managed within a Forms folder.

To create a form, hover over the Forms folder in the service panel and click icon Add Form.

Alternatively, you can open the context menu of a Forms folder and select the option Add Form.

Enter a name for the form in the pop-up window Create New Form. Click Save.

Restrictions on Element Names

A BPMN model name must be unique within one service.

In addition, the following name restrictions apply to all service panel elements:

Element names...

  • ... must not be empty.
  • ... must not contain spaces.
  • ... must not start with numbers.
  • ... must not end with a period (.).
  • ... must not contain one of the following characters: <, >, :, ", /, \, |, ?, *
  • Furthermore, the following strings must not be used as element names: CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, LPT9.

When you create a new form, it opens automatically in a new tab and you can directly start designing.

Refer to Working with the Form Editor for detailed information.

The new form is also displayed in the service panel and you can use option Open model to open it.

Once the form has been created, use the context menu to manage the form. Available options are:

  • Cut
  • Export
  • Rename
  • Delete

Go to page Single Form for detailed descriptions of the options.

The Form Editor

When you create a new form, it is automatically opened in the Form Editor:

Use the various functionalities of the Form Editor to design your form:



Form Editor The form editor is where you design your form.
Go to page Working with the Form Editor for detailed information about the features of the form editor.


Elements Toolbar

The elements toolbar contains all form elements that you can create in the form editor. 
Go to page Working with the Form Editor for further details about the usage of the toolbar.
In the PAS Designer Developer Guide > Supported Form Elements all form elements are explained in detail.


Form Toolbar

The form toolbar assists you in creating your form.
Go to page Working with the Form Editor for an overview of the available options of the form toolbar.


Designer Panels

In the form editor, the following panels assist you in creating forms:

  • Service Panel: In the Service panel you can access your libraries and your data model.
    Go to page Working With Libraries for detailed information.
  • Attributes Panel: Use the Attributes panel to change the settings of the form elements and the form editor itself.
    Go to page Configuring Form Elements for detailed information.
  • Validation Panel: The Validation panel supports you during form creation by displaying notes for invalid actions in your forms. It also gives advice on how to fix the errors.
    Go to page Validating a Service for detailed information.

Attributes of a Form

When you click on the diagram pane in the Form Editor, the attributes of the current form are displayed in the Attributes panel and can also be edited there.

Forms have the following attributes:

AttributeDescriptionPossible Values / Example

Click here to change the Name of the form.

Form names must follow certain naming rules. They

  • must not contain blanks
  • must not start with a cipher
  • must not contain special characters
Number of Columns

Adapt the number of columns the form is divided into. Forms can be divided into one to six columns.

one of 1 - 6

Include in Library Export
Check this checkbox to mark the form as to be part of a library export. Read more about defining and using libraries on Developing and Using Libraries.trueThe form is part of the library.
falseThe form is not part of the library.
CSS ClassEnter a CSS class to style your form with. Read more about this option on Styling Forms With CSS.acme-table
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Click the icon to download a simple example model that shows how you can configure form elements in Scheer PAS Designer.


Click the icon to download a simple example model that shows how you can transfer data between forms in Scheer PAS Designer.