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Step 1: Download a Cameo E2E Builder Trial

Request a trial version of the Cameo E2E Builder from the E2E Homepage.

Step 2: Setup the Cameo E2E Builder Environment

Install the Cameo E2E Builder

The Builder Installation Guide is essential reading material to get your Builder Development Environment set up correctly.

Download and Install the Cameo E2E Analyzer

To manage your Builder test cases, you will need to download the Cameo E2E Analyzer from the corresponding Analyzer Installation Guide page.

Download and Install the E2E WSDL Generator for SAP RFC

If you want to connect with your SAP system, we have a powerful utility available for you: the E2E WSDL Generator for SAP RFC. It generates WSDL descriptors for just about any SAP RFC call there is – even for highly customized SAP installations. It is capable of analyzing the SAP metadata dictionary, and – as a byproduct for creating custom SAP connectors that are adapted to your SAP configuration, it serves to re-document your SAP interfaces in UML in just a couple of seconds. This SAP RFC Extractor, which is actually an executable UML model which extends the Builder, can be downloaded from the utility page WSDL Generator for SAP RFC.

Step 3: Browse the E2E Online Documentation

This page is part of the complete 1’500 page product documentation. In the online documentation, we have over 100 executable sample models available for you to learn about various development and integration patterns.

Step 4: Work Through the Free 3 Day Course

There is also a free 3 Day Course available online, which allows you to start from scratch building a complete Web Service, all in Executable UML.

Step 5: Join the Cameo E2E Builder Community

Last but not least, we want to invite you to join the Bridge “Builder Community” by registering for our Developers Forum. For many of the questions you have, you’ll probably find the suitable answer already in there. And if not – just send us an email at

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