In this tutorial you will learn how to deploy a service as a container and how you can manage the containerized service once the service has been deployed successfully. You will also learn the differences between a test service and a deployed service. Follow our example user story and help David Stringer perform his tasks.

All content in a lighter font color refers to the story of the tutorial.

Follow Our Example User Story

David Stringer of ACME Corp. has created a simple order approval service. While he wants to extend the service with roles to bring the approval step to life, he likes his business colleagues to test the first version of the service. Therefore, he wants to deploy the service.

You are going to help him with that task.

As a prerequisite for this tutorial, you must have completed tutorial 3 - Showing Process Data in the Instance List. If you have not yet done the third tutorial, you can import the service from tutorial 3 to continue. Download the solution service of tutorial 3 here.

If you are doing a trial and you have already received your personal credentials, you can access the PAS systems as follows:

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