Runtime 2019.5 The xUML Runtime provides a REST interface to the controller service of each xUML service. Many service related resources can be accessed via this interface.

The requests come in via the control port of the service. The xUML Runtime API cannot be disabled.

Bridges as of  Bridge 7.5.0 provide an OpenAPI 2.0 Specification of the controller service for documentation and testing purposes. Via a link on the xUML service page, you can access a REST service documentation page where you can inspect the service interface and make HTTP calls on the service.
On the Bridge, go to the xUML service preferences page (see xUML Service Details for more information on how to do this).

Figure: Accessing the Runtime Interface of an xUML Service

In section Rest Ports, you find, maybe among others, the xUMLControllerService. You can do the following here:

  • Click the port type xUML Runtime API to access the REST service documentation page.
  • Click the Test link to access the same documentation page with additional test capabilities.
  • Click Yaml to download the related Swagger file.

Figure: xUMLControllerService Documentation and Test

On this page, you can inspect the Runtime API interface and make HTTP calls to the resources, similar to the Bridge API.
Refer to Bridge API for more information on how to use the interface. Refer to xUML Runtime API Reference for details on the resources.

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