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This Node.js module provides a command line interface to the Bridge, based on the Bridge API. The Bridge CLI can be installed as a global utility and it can be used

  • to list, deploy, remove, start, stop, view the status of xUML, Node.js and Java Services,
  • to view and change the preferences of xUML, Node.js and Java Services,
  • to download the service repository of xUML, Node.js and Java Services,
  • for advanced xUML service handling like killing the service, viewing and changing the service documentation, or listing and cancelling running sessions
  • to pack Node.js Services,
  • resource handling in general (list, upload, delete),
  • listing the global variables

You can install e2e-bridge-cli globally using:

npm install -g e2e-bridge-cli

You can find more a more detailed documentation of the package on the GitHub or NPM pages.

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