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With the URL adapter it is also possible to access LDAP servers.

The special URL format to access LDAP is specified in RFC 2255. It has the form ldap://server:port/[DN]?[attributes]?[scope]?[filter]?[extension], where DN is the starting point in the directory tree, attributes are the fields to be returned, scope is the search logic (e.g. sub for sub-tree search), filter is the search query, and extension for further functionality like binding (=login). For examples see the RFC linked above.

The URL adapter only supports read access to LDAP repositories.

The LDAP server used in the UML example is a public LDAP server that does not require any authentication.

The LDAP browser by SoftTerra is a useful, free tool to browse LDAP servers.

Tagged Values

Find below a list of relevant tagged values, if the URL adapter is used with the LDAP protocol.
Default values used when an option is not explicitly set are written in bold.

Tagged ValueDescriptionValues
protocolTransport protocol.ldap


LDAP method.get


Machine port number the service is binding to. This port number can be given at service level only.



LDAP path for the request. 
optionsNative cURL options.cURL Options
proxyTypeType of the proxy.HTTP, SOCKS5
proxyURLURL of the proxy server. 
proxyUserProxy user. 
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