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POP3 Adapter and SMTP Adapter provide basic email receiving and sending. However, these adapters do not offer advanced features such as imap/imaps/smtps support, ssl/starttls encryption or selective access by folder, date and time, subject etc. In scenarios where such advanced features are required, we recommend the use of the JavaMail library.

JavaMail library provides access to many features of the standard Java Mail API (javax.mail), with the convenience of a pre-packaged, ready to use E2E Bridge library. After importing the JavaMail library, there is no need to import any further components, java classes etc. - you can start using it in your project right away. In addition, the JavaMail Library provides experimental support for Microsoft Exchange servers.

Example File (Builder project JavaMail):

<your example path>\Libraries\ JavaMail\uml\MailExample.xml

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