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Tagged Values


Name Dialog / TagDescriptionAllowed Values / Examples

Specifies the machine port number the service is binding to. This port number can be given at the service level only.

any number
Using ports below 1024 may require additional privileges.
Trace Port
In order to test the HTTP service using the Trace Analyzer, the model compiler generates a SOAP interface for each HTTP service interface. The SOAP service will be listening on this trace port.any positive integer
service port +40000default
Authentication Mode

Defines the authentication mode to be used with this SOAP service.

  • If HTTPBasicAuth is used, you define that the service composite authenticates the user. User name and password must then be given in the tagged value user.
    For more details see Basic Authentication with the E2E Bridge.
  • If HTTPRemoteAuth is used, a revers proxy needs to authenticate the user and pass it to the service. The service then expects a set REMOTE-USER HTTP header.
    Typically the Apache reverse proxy is used for that.

Independent of the authentication mode, the user is found in the principal object if the authentication succeeded.

noneno authentication 
HTTPBasicAuthHTTP basic authentication
HTTPRemoteAuthHTTP remote authentication
Specifies user and password for the use of HTTP Basic authentication.user/password 

HTTP Port Type Operation Parameters

methodStringinSpecifies the HTTP method.
uriStringinSpecifies the complete URI.
inputContentBlobinSpecifies the HTTP content send by POST or PUT.
getParameters Array of ParameterinSpecifies all GET parameters encoded in the URL as an array of Parameter classes containing name/value pairs.
postParameters Array of ParameterinSpecifies all form parameters posted by the client.
inputHeaderParameters Array of HeaderFieldin

DeprecatedThis attribute is deprecated as of Runtime 2020.11. Please use inputHttpHeaderMap (see below) for new implementations as its implementation complies to the HTTP specification.

Specifies all header fields as an array of HeaderField classes containing name/value pairs.

pathParametersMapinFor RESTful service calls: Specifies all parameters derived from the path as a Map of name/value pairs.
inputHttpHeaderMapMap of EntryinRuntime 2020.11 Header information as a map. The map contains arrays of header value strings whereas the header name is the key of the map.
  • Header names are lowercase and treated case insensitive.
  • Multiple headers with the same name are treated as arrays.

Refer to HTTP Protocol Support for more information on standard xUML headers.

outputContent BloboutContains the content sent back.
outputHeaderParameters Array of HeaderFieldoutUse this parameter to set the HTTP output header if necessary.
httpStatusDescription StringoutContains the resulting HTTP status description. If not set explicitly using this object, the service returns OK if no exception occurred or Internal Error otherwise.
httpStatusCode IntegeroutContains the resulting HTTP status code. If not set explicitly using this object, the service returns 200 if no exception occurred or 500 otherwise.

Parameter Types

REST TypeAttributeTypeDescriptionValues/Example
EntrykeyStringKey of the map entry.
valueArray of AnyList of values of the map entry.
HeaderFieldnameStringName of the header field.
valueStringValue of the header field.
ParameternameStringName of the parameter.
valueStringValue of the Parameter.
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