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FTPS (not to be confused with SFTP), which is also known widely as FTP Secure or FTP-SSL, is an extension to the normal File Transfer Protocol FTP adding  the support for the cryptographic protocols Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Creating a service connecting to an FTPS server can be done by simply creating a normal FTP backend. The difference is, that you need to define the FTPS protocol and the according port, method etc. in your <<URLAlias>> within your component diagram.

Tagged Values

Find below a list of relevant tagged values, if the URL adapter is used with the FTPS protocol.
Default values used when an option is not explicitly set are written in bold.

Tagged ValueDescriptionValues
protocolTransport protocol.ftps
methodFTP method.get, post, put, list
portMachine port number the service is binding to. This port number can be given at service level only.
pathFTP path for the request.
optionsNative cURL options.cURL Options
proxyTypeType of the proxy.HTTP, SOCKS5
proxyURLURL of the proxy server.
proxyUserProxy user.
sslCAInfoFile name containing additional certificates for the connection verification (e.g. additional root CAs).
sslCertificateFileFile name containing the client certificate.
sslCertificateTypeType of the certificate.PEM, DER
sslPrivateKeyFileFile name containing the private key.
sslPrivateKeyPasswordPassword for the private key.
sslPrivateKeyTypeType of the key.
sslVerifyHostWhether to verify the host information form the SSL connection.OnVerification on.
OffVerification off.
sslVerifyPeerWhether to verify the peer information from the SSL connection.OnVerification on.
OffVerification off.

Useful cURL Options

CURLOPT_SSLVERSION=CURL_SSLVERSION_SSLv2Via this option, you can tell the <<URLAdapter>> to explicitly use SSL version 2. This may be necessary, if the server has problems with TLS/SSLv3.

There are many more cURL options, which might be needed for a service to run. Follow this link to get the full listing of all options: A further list of cURL options supported by the E2E Bridge can be found in Setting cURL Options on the URL Adapter.

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