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In case of a problem with the Bridge itself, inspect the internal Bridge log files as described in Inspecting the Logging Information.

This section lists known problems and provides possible solutions.

Need Help?

  1. First of all you can consult our complete technical documentation.
    The documentation is divided into several guides:

    You can search the complete documentation using the search box in the top right. You can search a dedicated guide using the search box on the left, on top of the content tree.

  2. If you can't solve your problem with help of the documentation, you can file a ticket to our support team at
    All mails to our support mailbox will open a ticket in our service desk.
    Optionally, you may use our service desk portal. There, you can manage your tickets and raise new support requests. Using the portal requires you to register your email address, which will not take much time.

To help you with your problem, our Support team needs some information on your software and environment. Please refer to What Information to Include into a Support Request for more details on this.

Please note, that the quality of your report plays a significant role in reducing time that we need to fix the problem. 

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