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This chapter explains how to use the Scheer PAS Administration to manage your users. You have to use the Administration to manage users of module BPaaS as well as for the components Mobile, Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation, if RPA is used along with BPaaS.

If you want to open the user administration view of your Scheer PAS Administration, click on the icon  in the navigation bar.

The corresponding menu items are displayed in the sidebar below.

  • Go to chapter Users to learn how to create and manage users.
  • Chapter Profiles explains how to create and maintain profiles.
  • Visit chapter Roles to learn more about the creation and administration of roles.
  • On page Permissions the usage of permissions is explained in detail.
  • How to monitor the activities on your system is explained on page Monitoring System Activities.
  • You can import and export data from your Scheer PAS Administration. Learn more about the possibilities on the pages Export and Import.
  • If you want to create data sheets for users, profiles, roles and permissions with similar content, you can use the copy function. Go to page Creating Copies for detailed explanation.
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