Menu "Activities"

Administrators can use menu Activities to monitor the user activities on the system. On the activities page, the systems event messages are visualized and can be searched.

If you open menu Activities, the event log is displayed in the content area.

The list of events is sorted chronologically, with the latest events on top.

The event list is loading dynamically on scrolling down. The following data is displayed on the list:

  • Timestamp: Displays date and time of the creation or the last update of the data set.
  • Key: Displays the technical identifier of the event.
  • Creator: Displays the name of the creator of the event. If the creator is an active user, the corresponding login is displayed. If the event has been created by the system, the column will show INTERN.
  • Message: Displays the description of the event as written by the service.

The activity message is currently only available in German.

Filtering Activities

The filter of the Activities menu is working slightly different compared to the other filters.

It is not possible to enter text in the filter field - but if you click on the field, the extended filter will open.

You have to use a calendar to fill the filter options Activities from... and Activities to...

The key field is a drop-down list that initially suggests five keys. Select one of the displayed activity keys. If the key you are looking for is not part of the list, start typing to search for your key.

If you click into field Creator, another drop-down list allows you to select a name.

You can also reduce the drop-down list by entering a search term. The list then contains only names that match your entry.

Use the field Message as a full-text filter for column Message. You can use regular expressions in this field.

Go to the Designer Guide for further information on regular expressions or visit

Activities Overview

The following table shows all events that are currently monitored and logged. You can search the table by:

  • Key
  • Description

To do so, enter you search key in the corresponding field:

Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Table Filter macro.

The table is being loaded. Please wait for a bit ...



Enables a permission.
CREATE_PERMISSIONSTYPESaves a new permission.
 CREATE_PROFILESTYPESaves a new profile.
CREATE_ROLESTYPESaves a new role.
 CREATE_USERSTYPESaves a new user.


Disables a permission.


Disables a role.
UPDATE_PERMISSIONSTYPEModifies a permission.
 UPDATE_PROFILESTYPEModifies a profile.
UPDATE_ROLESTYPEModifies a role.

This key is used for different events:

  • if the password of a user is modified.
  • if a user data sheet is modified.
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