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Scheer PAS - Your Benefits in Using an Application Composition Platform

Scheer PAS is the first Application Composition Platform that helps companies creating a composable enterprise. Existing (monolithic) business applications are no longer serving the demands of today's businesses anymore. Watch our videos to get an idea on how Scheer PAS can help you to meet the new expectations in the digital age.

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German Video:

Composable Enterprise: Paradigm Shift for Digitization and Enterprise Software

Watch Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer's keynote, held at the Munich Management Colloquium (march 2023).

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Scheer PAS - Use Cases

If you want to know more about specific customer scenarios that have already been implemented with Scheer PAS, we recommend to have a look into our Scheer PAS Online Sessions:

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Scheer PAS - Deep Dives

Dive deeper into the main concepts of digital transformation - with our Deep Dive videos:

Scheer PAS - Step by Step Series

Watch our video series Step by Step to experience the look and feel of the Scheer PAS platform. Learn more about its functionalities, the usability and design of Scheer PAS:

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