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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space WBRIDGE and version BRIDGE_21.1.3


ResourceMethodDescriptionAPI VersionRuntime Version
/isAliveGETCheck if the xUML service is ready. A success HTTP code indicated readiness, an error HTTP code indicates startup still in progress.1.2.0Runtime 2021.6
/hooks/shutdown/firePUTFire the service shutdown activity.1.1.0Runtime 2020.13
/hooks/startup/firePUTFire the service startup activity.1.1.0Runtime 2020.13
/scheduler/events/{schedulerName}/firePUTFire the scheduler event (without checking the conditions).1.1.0

Runtime 2020.13

/timer/events/{timerName}/firePUTFire the timer event (without checking the conditions).1.1.0Runtime 2020.13
/timer/events/{eventObserverActivity}/fire PUTFire the event (without checking the conditions).1.1.0Runtime 2020.13
/pstate/engineGETCheck if the xUML service uses persistent state and get general information on the persistent state configuration.1.0.0Runtime 2019.5
/statusGETGet the status of the persistent state server.1.0.0Runtime 2019.5
/stopPUTStop the running xUML service.1.0.0Runtime 2019.5