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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space WBRIDGE and version 22.1

Operations may throw exceptions. In cases where the underlying Java code throws exceptions that are anticipated, these are translated into xUML exception signatures. For unexpected (not anticipated) exception in the Java code, you may receive a generic xUML exception. The anticipated exceptions and their codes are listed below.

JMAIL01the connection to host cannot be established
JMAIL02a to-be-sent-attachment has no content
JMAIL03a binary to-be-sent-attachment has no filename
JMAIL04at least one recipient or the sender has an invalid address
JMAIL05the connected host does not provide the requested protocol
JMAIL06general uncaught exception while sending
JMAIL07a generically defined operation is not implemented for a specific protocol (e.g. sendMessage() via IMAP)
JMAIL08connection specifies an unknown/unsupported protocol
JMAIL09a specific folder cannot be found or is not supported
JMAIL10a requested attribute of messages is not supported (raised for exchange only)
JMAIL11message cannot be retrieved (raised for exchange only)
JMAIL12native message cannot be concerted to Mail class
JMAIL13raw message content is not available
JMAIL14general uncaught exception while retrieving
JMAIL15messaging exception while retrieving attached nested messages
JMAIL16general uncaught exception while deleting
JMAIL17a message cannot be found by its ID
JMAIL18general uncaught exception while moving
JMAIL19signature of signed content could not be verified
JMAIL20the specified keystore could not be loaded
JMAIL21PGP public key ring cannot be loaded
JMAIL30cryptographic operation failed due to IO exception, usually a provided key is not in PEM format
JMAIL31cryptographic pgp related exception
JMAIL32IPgpKeyProvider not registered or returned NULL, i.e. key could not be retrieved