Use the Exclusive Gateway to model a decision in the process. The process will continue with the sequence flow where the defined condition is true. You can also define a default sequence flow (see Particularity).

  • If you use an exclusive gateway, only one sequence flow is selected.
  • If no condition evaluates to true and you have not defined a default flow, the xUML Runtime will throw an exception. We recommend avoiding this scenario.



An exclusive gateway can have one outgoing flow that is marked as the Default sequence flow . This is the flow of the process that will be followed if all other conditions do not match.

The default flow is marked with a slash on the relation:

You can mark a sequence flow as to be the default in the Attributes Panel:


Editing and Styling

  • Go to Working with the BPMN Editor for further information regarding editing of BPMN elements using the different context menus on the diagram pane.
  • Go to Styling BPMN Elements for further information regarding styling possibilities for BPMN elements, for example how to change the background color, the font style and size etc.