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The xUML Runtime of the Scheer PAS BRIDGE consists of a micro kernel adorned with several add-ons.

Figure: xUML Runtime Details

The Micro Kernel is responsible for loading the components and it is separated from each the Frontend and Backend Adapters by an Abstraction Layer. The abstraction layers guarantee that the service implementations are independent of the frontend and backend protocols.

Frontend adapters are mapping incoming requests to the frontend abstraction layer. Several protocols and products are supported (third party / OEM adapters.) The xUML Runtime contains a comprehensive set of native frontend / backend adapters like SAP, SOAP, Java, SQL, HTTPS, FTP, LDAP, etc.

The overall Security module manages authentication of HTTP requests with standard Apache modules, role based access control and serves as a security interceptor for pre/post-processing.

The Monitoring and Administration module contains a server console for configuration and simple monitoring (log, service state). An error occurring, the monitoring module forwards this error to a monitoring service specified on the service.

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