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set aBlob = aString.transcodeToBlob(charset)
set aBlob = transcodeToBlob(LITERAL, charset)
SemanticsThe operation transcodes internal strings (always UTF-8 encoded) into a blob containing the characters of the current string encoded in a given character set.
SubstitutablesaString Can be any variable or object attribute having the type String.  
charset Can be any variable or object attribute having the type String and denoting a valid character set (e.g. UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc.). A list of supported character sets can be found in Charset Definitions.

This example transforms a string into a blob that contains ISO-8859-1 encoded characters.

set aBlob = aString.transcodeToBlob("ISO-8859-1"); 

Example File (Builder project Basic Modeling/Data):

<your example path>\Basic Modeling\Data\uml\transcoding.xml

Figure: Operation transcodeToBlob()

It is only possible to transcode objects of type String to a Blob object. If you would like to transcode another base type like Integer or DateTime into a Blob object you have first to convert this object into a String (see transcodeToString() Operation) and then use the transcodeToBlob() operation.