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set resultArray = aString.findPatterns(regExpPattern)
set resultArray = findPatterns(LITERAL, regExpPattern)
SemanticsReturns all occurrences of the pattern found in aString as string array. Raises an error if the pattern is not found. The state of the current string is not changed.
SubstitutablesaString Can be any variable or object attribute having the type String
regExpPattern Regular expression (see Regular Expressions for a list of valid regular expressions). An introduction into regular expressions can be found at
LITERAL String literal.
Error CodesFind the related error codes on System Errors of string operations.
FUSSM/21Cannot find any occurrences of pattern <pattern> in string <string>.

This example returns resultArray = {X1, X2}.

set s1 = "The findPatterns() operation finds the X1 and X2 in this phrase."  
set resultArray = s1.findPatterns("X.");

This example throws an error as there is no X in the string at all.

set s1 = "The findPatterns() operation won't find the pattern." 
set resultArray = s1.findPattern("X.");
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