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set aFloat = aString.convertToFloat()
set aFloat = convertToFloat(LITERAL)

Converts the lexical representation of a float (e.g. 1.2345) to a Float type. The float string is considered until a non-numeric character is found (digits, signs, E and e are considered valid numeric characters for this parameter as specified in the format). The format used is: [white spaces][+|-][nnnnn][.nnnnn][e|E[+|-]nnnn]
White spaces are any tab or space character. nnnnn may be any number of digits.

If the conversion is not possible, an error message is raised (for instance: NULL strings).

SubstitutablesaString Can be any variable or object attribute having the type String.  
LITERAL String literal.
set aFloat = aString.convertToFloat();
For a UML example, refer to Type Converter Operations.
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