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anArray.concatArrays(anotherArray_1, ..., anotherArray_n)
SemanticsConcatenates the elements of one or more arrays to the elements of anArray.
SubstitutablesanArrayCan be any variable or object attribute having the type Array
set anArray = anArray.concatArrays(anotherArray);
A new array is created containing all references to elements of the listed arrays. The reference anArray is changed to point to the new array.

Example File (Builder project E2E Action Language/Array):

<your example path>\E2E Action Language\Array\uml\arrayConcat.xml

The figure below shows an example of concatenating several arrays in a new array and into an array with existing elements.

Figure: concatArray() Example

If the arrays to be concatenated (here array2 or array3) are empty or NULL, no exception occurs.

If an array has NULL elements (e.g. element1, element2, NULL, element4), the NULL elements will be preserved after concatenation.