In some cases it will be necessary to wait until the execution of another activity has ended. If you want to wait for another thread, use the <<WaitForThread>> action deprecated.

You can use the Action Wizard to add a <<WaitForThread>> action. Add an empty action node and select Action Wizard from the context menu.

Specify the name of the action and select stereotype WaitForThread from the list of stereotypes.

The mandatory input parameter threadID has already been added.

Now, add the necessary parameter to specify the period of time to wait:

  • Select timeout to specify a period of time in seconds to define the thread timeout.
Click Finish.


NameTypeDirectionMandatoryDescriptionAllowed Values
threadIDStringin(tick) The distinct ID of the thread.any string
timeoutIntegerin(error)Specify a period of time in milliseconds defining the thread timeout.any integer

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