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Using the SOAP adapter, it is possible to provide the URL parameter to e.g set cURL options for the SOAP call. In contrast to the URL adapter, where you need to provide every single parameter (see Setting cURL Options on the URL Adapter and URL Adapter Reference), you can use the parameter urlParameter of type URLMessage. URLMessage is a class containing all URL parameters.

Note, that the attributes content and commands of URLMessage are not implemented for the SOAP adapter, but only for the URL adapter. All other attributes have the same semantic as described for the URL adapter (see URL Adapter Reference).

Example File (Builder project Add-ons/SOAP):

<your example path>\Add-ons\SOAP\uml\soapUseUrlParameter.xml

Figure: Providing the URL Parameter to a SOAP Call

URLMessage Parameter

to listed protocol onlyto listed method only

This parameter contains the URL that will be accessed by the adapter. The URL contains protocol, port and path.
post, put, writeUse this parameter to supply the content to be used by the listed methods.
headerParametersArray of HeaderField inhttp, https
Use this parameter to supply additional header information for the URL adapter call in the form of name and value pairs.

This parameter provides the method of the URL adapter call.
authentication Authentication inldap, ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https
This parameter provides an object of type Authentication containing the user and the password.
proxy Proxy inldap, ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https
Use this parameter to supply necessary proxy information.
followRedirectsIntegerinhttp, https
Specify here the maximum number of redirects to follow.
ssl SSL inhttps, ftps
Use this parameter to supply SSL information.
commandsArray of Stringinftp, ftps

Use this parameter to specify ftp commands. All commands are executed after executing the ftp method. For a list of available ftp commands see RFC 959.

optionsArray of Option inldap, ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https
Use this parameter to specify cURL options for the URL adapter call.

URL Parameter Types

ClassAttributeTypeCURL OptionDescriptionValues/Example
Password needed for authentication.
Username needed for authentication.
Name of the header field.
Value of the header field.
Value of the cURL option.10
ProxyauthenticationAuthenticationCURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWDProxy user.
typeStringCURLOPT_PROXYTYPEType of the proxy.HTTP, SOCKS5
urlStringCURLOPT_PROXYURL of the proxy server.
SSLcaInfoStringCURLOPT_CAINFOName of the file containing additional certificates for the connection verification (e.g. additional root CAs).
Client certificate
Private key of client certificate

Whether to verify the host information form the SSL connection.

OnVerification on (default).
OffVerification off.
ExistenceLimit verification to the mere existence of the host.
verifyPeerStringCURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEERWhether to verify the peer information from the SSL connection.OnVerification on (default).
OffVerification off.
KeyfileStringCURLOPT_SSLKEYName of the file containing the private key.
passwordStringCURLOPT_KEYPASSWDPassword for the private key.
typeStringCURLOPT_SSLKEYTYPEType of the key.PEM, DER, ENG
CertificatefileStringCURLOPT_SSLCERTName of the file containing the client certificate.
typeStringCURLOPT_SSLCERTTYPEType of the certificate.PEM, DER, P12

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