This tutorial explains step by step how to create your own executable business app. You will learn how to model a business process and design responsive forms. Finally, you will already be able to run your own app!

ACME Corp. has newly installed Scheer PAS BPaaS. Now, Jane Marple wants to get a first impression on the functionalities, and so she is going to model a first business process. Since ACME Corp. has to manage a lot of addresses, Jane starts by modeling a simple address book.

You are going to help her with that task.

All content in a lighter font color refers to the story of the tutorial.

During this lesson you will learn

  • how to create a project
  • how to create an app project
  • how to model an EPC (event-driven process chain)
  • how to design responsive forms
  • how to configure Process Apps
  • how to execute a Process App

If you do not want to create the app yourself or you wish to discover a possible solution to the task, visit page BPaaS Downloads for an export of the app that you may import into your BPaaS profile.

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