To ensure availability of the persistent state database, you can install a clustered database setup and enable cluster failover handling.

This is available for clustered Oracle databases only. 


Important services should not hang, if the persistent state database is not available. So, in case the persistent state database becomes inoperative in a clustered setup, it will automatically be replaced by a compensatory database of the cluster.


  1. Install Oracle cluster setup
    Before you can enable cluster failover handling, you need to install a clustered setup on your Oracle database.
  2. Enable cluster failover handling
    Enable the failover handling as described below.

Enabling Cluster Failover Handling

You can enable cluster failover handling in the xUML service composite of the persistent state service. It is governed by to tagged values:

Tagged ValueTypeDescriptionValueDescription
Switch Over EnabledBoolean
false (default)failover mechanism not enabled
truefailover mechanism enabled
Switch Over Retry TimeoutInteger

Refer to Persistent State Components for more information on persistent state settings on the composite.