Only users who are member of a group, to which the role ADMIN has been assigned, may create a new user. Click Create New User to create one.

The dialog for creating users is displayed:

User IdThe user id is needed to login to the Bridge and must be unique in the domain.
Letters, numeric characters, and the following special characters are allowed: ,:._/()=?}[]@#!>-
User NameLetters, numeric characters, space character, and the following special characters are allowed: ,:._/()=?}[]@#!>-
ActiveYou need to activate the user by selecting the checkbox Active. Only active users can login to the Bridge.
Group IdThe dropdown menu provides all group ids existing in the domain. Depending on your choice, the user will have full or restricted access to the functions of the Bridge (see Group Roles).

The user will need a password to login to the Bridge. The maximal password length is 50 characters.

Retype PasswordRetype the password to ensure correct spelling.

Click Create User to save the user definition. The new user will be replicated to each Bridge node instance of the domain.
Canceling the user creation will bring you back to the user list.

The new user will be displayed in the user list.