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Delete Logs Older Than

Bridge 7.6.0 Specify the number of days that log files and service backup files should be kept. Each night at 00:00 pm (fix), older log files will be deleted automatically. If you specify 0 days, the log files will be kept forever, default value after installation of the Bridge is 30 days.


If you update a Bridge from below version 7.6.0, this value will be set to 0 (in opposition to 30 days upon a fresh installation). In this case, set the number of days manually.

Log LevelThe software components of the Bridge log activities like deployments, import of node instances into a domain, firmware package uploads, etc. according the selected log level. The higher the log level the more information will be written to the log files. See Bridge Log Level for more details on these log levels.
Trace RequestsOnly used for troubleshooting and only works, if log level Trace has been chosen. Selecting this option will generate tracing files that can be examined by the E2E support. Use this option carefully, as it generates large amounts of data.
Disable Automatic Service StartupEach deployed Bridge service has am Automatic Startup flag (see Preferences of an xUML Service, Node.js Service Details and Java Service Details for more information on this flag). For e.g. server maintenance reasons, when you need to reboot the server several times, it can be useful to disable this flag for all services.
As long as this option is selected, the Bridge will ignore all service specific Automatic Startup flags.
Display NameBy setting Display Name, the name of the Bridge and of the browser tab can be changed, e.g. to the name of the server as shown below.
Note: The user interface will show the display name of the Bridge you are currently using (see browser URL). Additionally imported node instances could have different display names that will be displayed when using their user interface.
Maximum Upload SizeMaximum size of files in MB that can be uploaded to the Bridge. This limit refers to repositories, resources and Runtime packages.
Monitoring SOAP URLOptional monitoring of xUML services.
If an xUML service has an error or crashes, the registered monitoring service will be called. The service call timeout is 3 seconds. The second monitoring service backups the first and will be called if the first monitoring service call fails.
For more details, refer to Monitoring.
Monitoring SOAP URL FallbackOptional monitoring fallback.
Monitoring HTTP URLAs an alternative to a SOAP URL (see Monitoring SOAP URL), you can specify an URL to a monitoring REST service here.
Monitoring HTTP URL FallbackOptional REST monitoring fallback.
Long Running Session ThresholdMonitoring threshold specified in minutes. If a service is occupied longer than the defined threshold, the monitoring service is called. Refer to Monitoring for more details. The check runs twice during the defined threshold time. To disable the threshold enter 0.