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The E2E BRIDGE Education Lessons 1-3 serve as a self learning program for developing a Web service with E2E Bridgethe BRIDGE. The education leads you through a development process divided into three lessons, which will teach you to build services based on the E2E Bridge BRIDGE platform. Each lesson can be accomplished in about a day.

Due to some major changes in MagicDraw 18, we provide our tutorials in two different versions. On the following pages you will find the version created for all users working with MagicDraw 18.
If you are using MagicDraw 17, please refer to Tutorials for MagicDraw 17.

Regarding the Bridge BRIDGE 7 release, some things changed in the E2E BRIDGE Education. Theses changes are tagged with a Bridge 7 label.

LinkEducation Lesson 1 MD18
LinkTextEducation Lesson 1 for MagicDraw 18