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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space WBRIDGE and version 21.1c

Runtime 2021.2 Builder 7.12.0 Besides a generic SQL Database Management System (see SQL Adapter), the Bridge supports MongoDB - a NoSQL and document oriented database. MongoDB support is native and you do not need to install any client tools or drivers.

Using the MongoDB adapter, you can

TaskAdapter ActionDescriptionDocumentation Reference
Insert and update documentsinsertInsert new documents to a database.
replaceReplace one or more documents by a new one. The documents are identified by a query.
updateUpdate all or dedicated properties of one or more documents with new values. The documents are identified by a query.
Retrieve documents/informationfindGet a result set based on a provided query. You can get the result set all at once, or fetch single documents via a handle (see fetch).
fetchFetch single records from a result set that has been retrieved by find.
aggregateAggregate data based on a query and MongoDB pipelines.
Remove documentsdeleteRemove one or documents from the database. The documents are identified by a query.

To use the MongoDB adapter it is helpful if you are familiar with the concepts of MongoDB.


As opposed to standard JSON, with MongoDB the order of keys does matter. Action script statement classToJson(), however, does not guarantee to preserve the order presented in the class. In many cases that will work but it may behave unexpectedly wrong.
So use classToJson() carefully. We are working on a classToExendedJSON/extendedJSONToClass to be used with the MongoDB adapter.

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