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The Scheer PAS platform offers administrators a wide range of functionalities to run, monitor and manage the platform components.

This guide explains the functionalities of the different administration and monitoring components of Scheer PAS:

  • Administration: Use the administration application to control and display the various docker containers and services within the platform.
  • Cron Manager: Use the cron manager to administrate, control and monitor your cron jobs.
  • File Manager: Use the file Manager to manage all resources in one place.
  • User Management: Use the user management to create platform users and to configure the user settings.
  • xUML Service Monitor: Use the service monitor to stay informed about errors and problems in your services.
  • Embedded Third Party Tools:
    • Keycloak: Use Keycloak to configure single sign-on with identity and access management.
    • Kibana: Use Kibana to search and visualize the data contained in Elasticsearch.

Please note that your user must have special admin profiles to be allowed to use the corresponding admin views. Go to page Overview on Administration Profiles for details.

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