PAS 22.2.1 (31.01.2023)

New Features


  • MQTT and OPC UA Connector Services
    This release features two new platform services that you can use to exchange data with MQTT and OPC UA servers.

Improvements and Fixes

This release comes with multiple minor improvements and fixes for the Designer.

PAS 22.2 (05.12.2022)

End-of-life Announcement

With this release the old API Developer Portal is deprecated. As of PAS 23.1, it will not be part of the PAS Platform anymore. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support (

New Features

Administration and Portal

  • New permission profile, which grants limited access to administration
    The xuml_container_admin profile grants non-administrator users limited access to the administration component. Only customer-specific xUML services deployed to a container or to the integration component (Bridge) are displayed and can be administrated.

API Management

  • Support of IP addresses in the Transfer Quota Policy
    In the Transfer Quota Policy you can now also select IP addresses as a granularity for which the transferred bytes are counted.


  • Custom REST API for Designer services
    With the Designer, you can now model REST services and develop software in the form of resources with RESTful interfaces. This gives you the option to customize the interface of your Designer Service beyond the automatically generated elements. The implementation supports JSON and XML content types.

  • New option to create xUML libraries (xlib)
    By creating xUML libraries the Designer allows you to split big projects into several libraries. Each library can be developed independently, which allows parallel development with several modelers.

  • New option to add parameters to operations directly from the diagram
    You now have the option to easily add input and output parameters to operations directly from the diagram. This option is available for Mapping Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Execution Diagrams.

  • New option to export the compiler source files
    You can now export all data generated by the compiler using the Export Support Data option in the Controls Panel menu. If you need assistance with a Compiler error, you can send the exported zip file to our customer support. Then we will be able to help you faster.

  • New highlighting of keywords in the Action Script Editor
    Your work in the Action Script Editor is now supported by a highlighting functionality. Action Script keywords, constants, some basic data types and comments are displayed different colors.

  • New option to set form elements attributes dynamically
    In forms, attributes of form elements like e.g. the options of a select field can now also be set and changed dynamically.
  • New PAS xUML Library Development Kit for easy creation of Pro-Code libraries
    The new PAS xUML Library Development Kit allows you to easily create Pro-Code libraries using only standard Typescript and Angular. You don't need to know the meta files.

Integration (Bridge)

  • Builder
    • New adapter for JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)
      The new adapter supports signed JWTs. It is able to encode, decode and validate the signature of a JWT.

Improvements and Fixes

  • API Management
    • All API Management users are now able to create organizations
    • Improved layout of "API Try Out" page
    • API Developer Portal: On API-Details pages all plans that require approval for usage are now marked accordingly
    • Existing clients now receive internal and email notifications when an API version is retired
  • Designer
    • Comment element for Activity Diagram is now available
    • Improved structure of the Context menus in the Service Panel
  • Integration (Bridge)
    • Analyzer:
      • JWT Token adapter added
      • Apache Kafka Producer adapter added

    • Upgraded to xUML Runtime 2022.11
  • Platform
    • Upgraded to xUML Runtime 2022.11

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