Bridge 7.5.0 The BRIDGE software is available as a docker image that can directly been used for installation.

You can choose between two images

  • bridge, an image that uses HTTPS as incoming protocol
  • bridge_http, an image that uses HTTP as incoming protocol

The bridge_http image is to use with a proxy where the communication between proxy and BRIDGE does not need to be encrypted.

Each docker container needs a separate BRIDGE license.


Please consider the following prerequisites regarding Docker installation of the BRIDGE.

The software uses Docker to run.

  • The Docker Community Editon (CE) (version 18.06 or newer) is sufficient to run the software. The provided Docker containers are Linux containers.
    Refer to the Docker documentation pages for more information on supported platforms and how to install Docker.
  • As Docker host, we support Linux, namely the following Linux distributions:
    • RedHat/CentOS
    • Ubuntu
  • The Docker tool docker-compose (version 1.23 or newer) must be installed.

Preferences of the BRIDGE Docker Image

The Docker image of the BRIDGE has the following internal preferences. These preferences (with except for the passwords) cannot be changed.

BRIDGE port8080
admin useradmin/admin
BRIDGE user groupbridge
BRIDGE userbridge
BRIDGE program directory/opt/bridge_prog
BRIDGE data directory/opt/bridge_data

The following packages are already installed:

sudoThe BRIDGE proxy uses sudo to be able to open ports below 1024.
procpsUsed to kill processes.


Support tools.
Used to install the MS SQL Server client library.
mysql-clientMySQL database client.
mssql-toolsMicrosoft SQL Server database client.
instantclient-basiclite-<version>Oracle database client.


DB2 database client.
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