After logging in, you are in the Explorer of the Scheer PAS Designer:

The Header Menu

On the right side of the Designer header you can find the header menu. Use the menu to access further functionalities of the Designer.

Open the drop-down menu next to your user name to access all menu options:


User Preferences

Open the user preferences to view your personal details, to change the display language and to change your password.

Designer Options

Click here to open the Designer options.


Select this option to access the Scheer PAS online documentation where you can find user guides to all Scheer PAS components.


Learn more about the components of the Scheer PAS platform by following one of the comprehensive self-learning tutorials in our Scheer PAS Academy.


Click here to end your Scheer PAS session.

The Explorer Tab

Click icon to open the explorer tab.

In the explorer tree, you can find all namespaces that have been assigned to your user. Use the tree to create new folders and services. You can search the tree content using the search field .

Go to chapter Working With the Explorer for further information on working with the explorer tree.

Click the Recent Services icon to get quick access to the recently opened services.

Contents of the Explorer Tree

In the Explorer tree you can use the following elements to structure your work:

Service Details

If you click on a service in the explorer tree, the service details will be displayed on the right side of the tree.

Go to chapter Managing the Service Details for detailed information about the service details page and its options.

Click on the the explorer tab icon or on the service details area to close the explorer tab. You will then be able to edit the service details.

Click the Edit icon to open the corresponding service detail in edit mode.
Use icon Save to save your changes.
Click the Cancel icon to close the edit mode without saving.

The Administration Tab

Click icon to open the administration tab. The Designer administration gives you access to general functionalities.

The content of the tree in the administration tab depends on the profile assigned to your account within Scheer PAS Administration.

Go to chapter PAS Designer Administration for further information about the contents of the Designer administration.

Guidance for Designer Documentation

Creating and running services in Designer consists of several steps, all of which are explained in detail in the documentation:

Working Step in the DesignerRelated Documentation
Service Development
Service Validation and Testing
Service Deployment
Service / Application Execution