The Header Menu of the Designer

On the right side of the Designer header you can find the header menu. Use the menu to access further functionalities of the Designer.

Open the drop-down menu next to your user name to access all menu options:


User Preferences

Open the user preferences to view your personal details, to change the display language and to change your password.

Designer Options

Click here to open the Designer options.


Select this option to access the Scheer PAS online documentation where you can find user guides to all Scheer PAS components.


Learn more about the components of the Scheer PAS platform by following one of the comprehensive self-learning tutorials in our Scheer PAS Academy.


Click here to end your Scheer PAS session.

Showing the User Preferences

The user preferences open in a pop-up window. The pop-up contains several tabs:

  • User Data
  • Organization Data
  • Change Password

User Data

Tab User Data shows the user-related information of the current user in read-only mode:

  • Login
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Company

The user-related information is managed in the user adminisration. Refer to Administration Guide > Managing Users for details.

Changing the Display Language

You can adapt the display language of the PAS platform in the user preferences.

 Click option Language Selection.

Choose the display language you want to use.

In the default configuration the languages English and German are supported.

It is possible to add more languages to your Scheer PAS configuration. See Administration Guide > Customizing PAS for further information.

Organization Data

Tab Organization Data shows the organization-related information of the current user in read-only mode.

The organization-related information is managed in the user administration. Refer to Administration Guide > Managing Users for details.

Changing the Password

If you want to enter a new password, select tab Change Password.

  • Enter your old password in the first field.
  • Enter a new password in the second field.
  • Confirm your new password in the third field.

Click Submit to apply your changes.

The two icons in the first input field support you to fill the fields correctly.

Hover over this icon to display the password criteria your password has to match.

By default, the content of the password fields is hidden. You can display your input by tapping the eye icon, for example to prevent input errors.

If you entered invalid data, corresponding notes are displayed below the input fields when you try to save.

Designer Options

If you open the header menu within the Designer, you can find the menu item Designer Options.

The Designer Options open in a sidebar on the right and show the following:

OptionsUse the Reset Panels button to reset all Designer panels in the editors of Scheer PAS to the default display. Go to page Working with the BPMN Editor for further information.
VersionSection Version displays the version number of Scheer PAS Designer you are currently working with.

If the user has profile pas_admin_user assigned, the following buttons are available at the bottom of the dialog.

These functions are intended for developers only.

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