In Scheer PAS Designer you have different options to search for content. On this page we explain all available search options.

Searching the Explorer Tab

After logging in, you start working in the Designer in the explorer tab. The explorer tab is where you manage your projects.

On top of the explorer tree you can find a search box. Select the part of the explorer tree (namespace, folder or service) you want to search, and enter a search term.

Once you have selected content in the tree, you can enter your search term.

Use Clear searchto reset the search box.

When you start entering your search terms, the hit list will be displayed on the right side. The search term is highlighted within the hit list.

The list is divided into the following sections:

  • Folders
  • Services
  • Service Folders
  • Models
  • Elements
  • Execution Variables - Persisted
  • Execution Variables - Local
  • Execution Steps
  • Form Folders
  • Forms

The search results are links.

Double-click on a link to open the corresponding model or form in the background.

The search is only applied to the selected element and its content. Contents within other elements are not considered.

If you are not sure where the searched item is located, apply the search to the whole namespace.

However, you can change the search root for the search criteria entered by switching to another element. The search results are adapted.

Quick Access to Services

  • Open Recent Services to get quick access to the recently used services.
  • The list shows the last ten opened services.
  • Click a service in the list to open it in the background.

Searching the Service Panel

On top of the Service Panel tree you can find a search box.

This search box can be used to search not only the service panel, but also the Asset Drawer for specific content.

Click into the search box and enter your search term. While typing, the service tree is filtered automatically. Only matching elements are displayed and the hits are highlighted in the tree.

Up to 100 hits can be displayed in the service panel. If you search criteria match more than 100 items, a note is shown below the search box. In that case, refine your search.

Use Clear search to reset the search box.

Clicking a result...

... cancels the search and expand the tree to the result node but collapse all others.

Searching the Complete Service Model

If you open a model, several panels are displayed. The Designer panels can be displayed on the left and right side of the panes and support the user during modeling. One of them is the Search panel.

The Search panel helps you to find elements in the model tab that is currently open.

The panel is available for the following editors:

  • BPMN Editor
  • Execution Editor
  • Mapping Editor

The search panel is hidden by default. If using the panel preset, you can find the icon to display the search panel in the right upper corner of the diagram pane.

Click on the icon to display the search panel in the sidebar.

To return to the panel preset, go to the user preferences and use the button Reset Panels.

Refer to Customizing Editors and Panels for detailed information about panel management in general.

Enter your search term in the box. Use icon to reset the search box.

The results are displayed in a hit list below. The list displays the results in the following sections:

  • Elements
  • Execution Variables - Persisted
  • Execution Variables - Local
  • Execution Steps

In the BPMN editor, click on a match in the list to focus the element in the BPMN diagram.

If you click on execution elements in the hit list, the corresponding element is focused in the execution diagram.

In the Mapping editor, click on a match in the list to focus the element in the mapping diagram.