A Receive Task waits for an external trigger to arrive which is released by an external system. If the process execution reaches a receive task, the process stays in a wait state until a specific message is received by the engine, which triggers continuation of the process.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Symbol Type
StateWaiting_for_<name of the receive task with underscores>, e.g. Waiting_for_Receive_a_message
On ExitmessageAnyin

Default type of the input parameter is Any but you can also use your own Library or Data Model class.

POST /{id}/<name of the task with underscores>
POST /{id}/Receive_a_message

Editing and Styling

  • Refer to Working with the BPMN Editor for further information regarding editing of BPMN elements using the different context menus on the diagram pane.
  • Refer to Styling BPMN Elements for further information regarding styling possibilities for BPMN elements, for example how to change the background color, the font style and size etc.


Click the icon to download a simple example model that shows what you can do with Receive Tasks in Scheer PAS Designer.