The Designer provides you with two ways to enhance Designer services with custom implementations:

  • Changing the Generated Angular Application
    The compiler generates an Angular application for all Designer services, and deploys it as a part of the service repository. You can download the uncompiled Angular resources generated by the Designer, and use them as a starting point for Pro-Code application development. Once you have finished your modified Angular app, you can update your Designer project to use your code instead of the generated Angular code.
  • Developing Custom Forms in a Library
    You can develop custom Pro-Code forms in a PAS Form Library to use these forms as Low-Code forms or sub-forms in the Designer. Either you can start from scratch, or you can export the form definitions of a Designer service (see Modeling Forms) as a Pro-Code PAS Form Library. The library already contains the necessary structure and meta-information to directly start coding.
  • Internationalization: Translations for Forms
    In international projects, you sometimes want to use a form or application in different countries and therefore you want to provide it in different languages. Pro-Code developers can define the languages they want to use and can provide translations for all contents.
  • Access to Custom Node.js Services
    Access to platform services is managed by the platform in PAS Identity Management. This works out of the box, so that all Designer services you develop can access all (public) platform services. The platform handles the roles and automatically passes the necessary permissions.
    However, some requirements make it necessary to develop a custom Node.js service that runs on the PAS platform. To be able to access such a service, you need to configure access to this dedicated service in Keycloak by yourself.

Developing Pro-Code applications for the Scheer PAS platform requires intermediate level knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Angular framework.