Libraries help you to make your BPMN process executable. They contain predefined classes, interfaces, operations and parameters you can use during modeling by simple drag & drop. You can upload your libraries in the Designer administration. The Libraries folder in the service panel gives you access to all the libraries available in the current namespace. If you create a new service in the Explorer, it automatically contains a Libraries folder in the service panel.

Go to chapter Working With Libraries for detailed information about the concept of libraries and their usage in Scheer PAS Designer.

Libraries Folder Options

If you hover over the Libraries folder, a quick action icon is displayed:

Right click a Libraries folder to open its context menu.

The context menu displays all options available for the Libraries folder:

Managing Libraries

You have three options to add libraries to a service:

  1. Use button Assets in the search box of the Service panel to open the Asset Drawer. Refer to Adding Assets for a detailed description on how to add libraries via the Asset Drawer.
  2. Hover over the Libraries folder in the service panel and click icon Manage Libraries .
  3. Open the context menu of the Libraries folder.

The dialog Manage Libraries opens.

All libraries that have been uploaded to the current namespace are shown in this dialog:

  • Currently unused libraries are displayed on the left side of the window.
  • The libraries that are already used in this service are shown on the right side.

Expand the drop-down lists to display the details of each library such as versions and dependencies.

To add an unused library to the project, click Add library .

The library is now displayed in the column Used Libraries.

If you have finished, click Save to persist your changes.

The added library is now displayed in the service panel and you can use it during modeling.

Use option Documentation to display the documentation of a library.

You can find it in the Manage Libraries dialog...

... as well as in the service panel when you hover over a library.

If documentation is available, it will be opened in a new browser tab.

This allows developers to access library documentation at any time during the development process.

You can also remove libraries from the service.

Open the dialog Manage Libraries again and click the icon.

The library will switch back to the Unused Libraries column.

If one or more elements of the library are still used in the service, a corresponding warning message appears. The library is not removed in this case.

Go to page Adding Libraries for detailed information on how to update a library and how to use different library versions.