Users can create a report of their BPMN model on the diagram pane. The necessary tool is provided in the model toolbar.

Open the model for which you want to create the report.

Click the icon in the model toolbar to start the creation of the report.

The Select Report pop-up opens, allowing you to customize your report.

Choose the report type first. Available options are:

  • Print model: Send the model report to a printer.
  • Print model to Word: The report is generated as a Word document.

If you choose the option Print model to Word, the button Save as Word document will be shown.

Then choose your print options:

  • Multiple pages: Distributing the model image over several pages. Keeps the original scale of the model. May have empty horizontal or vertical space on the edge pages.
  • Fit to one page: The model image is displayed on one page (default).
  • Fit to multiple pages (scaled): Distributing the model image over several pages. Uses entire pages without empty space. Does not keep the original scale of the model.
  • Show header: Displays the model name as document title. The option is activated by default.

Now you are able to print the report or save it as Word document.

Expert Advice

Users with administration rights can adapt the design of the report template in the Designer administration. See page Configuring Templates for Model Reports for further details.