The Connectors folder stores all connector configurations. Connectors provide the necessary configurations for adapters to call backend services.
Refer to Creating Connectors for more details on creating and managing connectors.

Connectors Folder Options

If you hover over the Connectors folder, a quick action icon is displayed:

Creating a Connector

Hover with your mouse over the Connectors tree node in the service panel. Click the icon to create a new connector.

Alternatively, you can open the context menu of the Connectors folder and click Add > Connector.

The Manage Connectors dialog is displayed.

Select a type of connector from the dropdown list.

Configure the connector in the Configuration section. The single configuration steps depend on the selected connector type.

For further information on how to configure the individual connector types refer to Creating Connectors.

When everything is configured to your needs, click Next to save the connector.

The Next button is enabled only when you have completed all necessary configuration steps.

The connector, his types and interfaces, have been added to your service with the given configuration.
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