The Reports menu allows you to manage the Word template for reports you can create within your models.

On page Creating Diagram Reports is explained in detail how to create a report in a model.

When you open the Reports menu, you must first select the namespace for which you want to create a report template.

Then click on Print to Word to open the Edit Report section.

Use the Download button to save the system template ExportAsWordTemplate.docx on your computer.

The default template contains:

  • the model name as page title (modelName) and the command to print the header (showHeader)
  • an image of the model (imagePlaceholder).
Content of the Template


The syntax comes from DocxTemplater. The following placeholders are usable:

Example of Placeholder Values
  'showHeader': true,
  'modelName': 'Model Name',
  'modelImages': [
    { 'imagePlaceholder': 'http://test1.png' },
    { 'imagePlaceholder': 'http://test2.png' }

You can adapt the template and upload the customized file.

Click Change File to select the adjusted Word file, then press Upload.

Now this new template will be used when you create reports within your model.

During the creation of your report, you can choose the formatting of the Word file.

See page Creating Diagram Reports for details.