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setTransactionID() = aString
SemanticsSets the current transaction ID to the specified String value.
setTransactionID(concat(a_TID_from_caller, aStringAttribute));

The Transaction ID identifies a transaction. It is a unique number used to trace service calls through the call stack of multiple service calls.

  • Runtime 2019.9  Clients calling a service running on the Bridge can provide a transaction ID in HTTP header X-Transaction-ID or xTransactionId (in JMS context).
  • SOAP clients can also use the SOAP headers to provide a transaction ID.
  • If an xUML service is called without providing a transaction ID, the xUML Runtime will generate such an ID.

This ID will be passed on through the call stack of the xUML service, so that the whole transaction can be traced. This can be useful, when analyzing the log file in case of error.

For more information on how to provide a transaction ID in the SOAP header refer to SOAP Adapter Reference.

In the Analyzer, the transaction log of an xUML service will be sorted by transaction ID.

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