You are reading the user guide for Scheer PAS BUILDER for MagicDraw. It explains how to use the modules xUML Model Compiler, SOAP Test Tool, and xUML Model Debugger. The main parts of this document are structured as a tutorial. However, chapters have been made independent of one another, which allows you to use this document as a reference guide as well.

The Builder is a pure Java application and can be used in all Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, and UNIX environments. The Builder is fully integrated into MagicDraw™. It enables you to compile UML® diagrams into executable services.

The Builder features a modular design: the Model Compiler for compiling XMI® files and the SOAP Test Tool and Interactive Debugger for testing services.
The notion of a "service" is used in the SOA  (Service Oriented Architecture ) sense: "A service is a function that is well defined, self-contained, and does not depend on the state of other services. However, most frequently it depends on interfaces of other services."
Nowadays, the term "service " is often used synonymously with web service. Though web services are an important type of services, there are also other kinds of services such as SAP  RFC services or timer services.


You have access to a licensed Builder installation. In order to work productively with the Builder, you also need a Bridge installation to accompany the Builder. Refer to the BRIDGE Integration Platform User's Guide for more information on this product.

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