After logging in you are directly in the Scheer PAS Cockpit. The Cockpit is your gateway to the world of Scheer PAS - you can design it according to your wishes and requirements.

The main purpose of the Cockpit is to make your work easier: Here you can clearly structure your projects and apps with the help of user-defined groups, create tiles for direct access to projects and process apps and display entire projects hierarchically. All settings are saved: After logging in to BPaaS again, you will find your cockpit exactly as you left it.

Introduction to the Scheer PAS Cockpit

On your first visit to BPaaS you will receive a short introduction to the different areas of the cockpit:

Step by step the quick start guide shows you the different areas of the cockpit, introduces the workspace with its functionalities as well as the navigation bar and the sidebar.

Use the buttons to navigate through the introduction. If you want to see the last step again, click on Back. If you want to go on to the next step, use the Next button. With the Skip button you can cancel the introduction at any time. After the last step you can end the introduction by clicking on the Close button.

The guide is only displayed after the first login. If you want to watch the introduction again at a later time, you can select the option Reset Intro in the user preferences.

Cockpit Overview

You control your activities in BPaaS from the cockpit. It consists of three areas:

  1. Navigation Bar: Create new groups and filter the display of the content area according to your desired filter terms.
  2. Content Area: Here you can manage your projects and apps. You can create and configure your own groups.
  3. Sidebar: The cockpit has a sidebar with three views.
  1. Use the New Elements Sidebar to create new tiles in the Cockpit.
  2. Show the Hierarchy Sidebar to display your projects and apps in a clear tree structure and navigate through your projects.
  3. The Additional Actions Sidebar offers additional options such as deleting or importing projects.

The functionalities of the individual cockpit components in Scheer PAS BPaaS are described in the following chapters.

The Cockpit Switches

Users who are enabled for other components of the Scheer Process Automation Suite will find additional switches in their cockpit.
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