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Accessing Keycloak

You can access Keycloak via the corresponding tile in the Scheer PAS Portal.

Only users with profile keycloak_user are able to see the tile in the portal.

If you click on the Keycloak tile, the tool will open within the portal.

Please note that you need separate credentials to log in to Keycloak as this third party tool is not integrated in Scheer PAS Single Sign-on.

Keycloak: Managing Authentication

Scheer PAS uses Keycloak to manage Single Sign-on for the platform.

In the Official Keycloak Documentation you will find detailed descriptions of all Keycloak functionalities. Please note that the official documentation may vary according to different versions of the tool.

Before consulting the documentation check your Keycloak version:

  • Open the user menu and chose option Server Info.
  • On page Server Info, check the entry in field Server Version.

How to Create Additional Keycloak Admins

You can create additional admins for Keycloak as follows:

  1. Go to realm Master.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Create a new user or edit an existing user.
  4. Switch to tab Role Mappings.
  5. Assign role admin in section Realm Roles.

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